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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 16, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, january 16th. this morning, big steps. doctors remove the respirator from congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she is now breathing with no assistance but she is not out of the woods yet. we have the latest. return of civility in the wake of the tucson shootings, politicians on both sides of the aisle have said a new era in washington may be upon us, but with the health care repeal debate starting this week, how long will this new civility last? trash talk crackdown. speaking of civility, the nfl tells its players no more talking smack but with two of the league's fiercest rivals facing off in the playoffs today can they keep their hard hits to the field? and keys to the palace. queen elizabeth has reportedly offered prohibits william and
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kate a place after they're married in buckingham palace with her. so what are the chances that the newlyweds will move in with grandma? you know, dan, you met my grandma. i moved in with her when i first moved to new york. >> really? >> yeah. >> but not now as a newlywed. >> not in an 828,000 square foot palace. >> a bit different if you're a king and queen. we woke up to some good news this morning out of tucson, as well. >> we did. >> we're hearing more and more encouraging news about congresswoman giffords' condition. she's now breathing without the help of a res pier rater, and hope she'll be able to speak soon. of course, there are so many lingering questions. the latest on her condition. >> her recovery has been amazing, but still a lot of question, as you said. on a much lighter note you've probably heard of angry birds. that incredibly popular iphone app video game. it's sort of become a cultural
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institution but it has now been knocked out of its number one perch by a new game called bubble ball invented by an eighth grader. there he is. we'll meet this kid coming up. >> whiz kid, indeed. breaking any record is a big deal so imagine breaking more than anyone else. well, ron claiborne will introduce you to the guy who holds the record for the most world records including the fastest mile on a yoga ball, hula hoop racing, rolling over, pogo stick jumping, pool stick balancing on a finger and the fastest mile in a sack while racing a yak in mongolia. >> ron will answer the burning question why? coming up. we'll start with the latest on that remarkable recovery of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. eight days after she was shot in the head at close range, she is still in critical condition but she is now breathing on her own and our yunji de nies is in tucson this morning with the latest. yunji, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it is wonderful news.
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doctors removed that breathing tube yesterday, and they performed a tracheotomy. all of that frees her from that respirator. they also inserted a feeding tube. now, all along here in the last few days doctors have been focused on three key things, whether the congresswoman can continue to open her eyes, perform more complex commands and breathe on her own. the next big milestone will be assessing whether or not she can speak. we have other news to tell you about here this morning. you'll remember 9-year-old christina taylor green. she is the youngest victim in this shooting. she was an organ donor and her father says yesterday he was told that some of her organs went to a little girl in boston. dan and bianna? >> all right. yunji, thank you. joining me now to talk more about gabby giffords' condition and her road to recovery is "gma" medical contributor dr. marie savard. good to see you. thanks for coming in. let's go further into what yunji touched upon. doctors removed a breathing tube but replaced it with another tube, correct? >> that's right.
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what's next? >> they put a tracheotomy tube in. she can breathe in and out of that tube. that protects her airways in case she may choke. >> the next step is to see if her speech was affected. >> you can put your finger over the hole and allow it to flow up through the vocal cords and see if she can speak. >> you say this is still a small step to a long road to recovery but it is a positive one. >> it is. both the feeding tube and tracheotomy says it will be a long process. >> the longer the tube stays in, the more concerns you have about infections in general. >> it means the weakness of the swallowing and gag reflex takes time in a brain injured person. this is another very positive step, but it means it will be a long time. thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. dan? "this week" host christiane amanpour led a special town hall conversation with community leaders, residents and heroes. she joins us from washington with a preview of what we're going to see later on her show.
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christiane, good morning. as you know, i spent much of the week out there and the mood in the city has been a fascinating dynamic shifting as the week has gone by. what is the sense that you got during your town hall? >> well, dan, good morning. and from last week when we first got there in the wake of the shooting to this week in the wake of the first anniversary, really we've seen the mood build. it's a mood of wanting to be a consensus community, wanting to come together, to pull together. wanting to look for solutions and the word that i heard so often from so many of the people caught up in it, whether victims or responders or just ordinary townspeople, was that we have bonded over this and we want to make sure that this leads to something better as we go forward. in our town hall meeting, which we conducted in a church there near the scene of the crime, we were doing that just as a moment of silence was being held for the one-week anniversary, and i spoke to many of the people including first i talked to bill
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heilman whose wife suzie had taken young 9-year-old christina taylor green who we just heard about to meet congresswoman giffords and who of course did not come back. i asked him about how his wife was coping not just physically but emotionally. does suzie talk about christina even though she's trying to heal physically? does she talk about her? >> suzie has had christina on her mind from the moment she woke up. i sensed that once she did finally lose consciousness, she had described right before that their hands still being held being on the ground absolutely eyeball to eyeball with christina, and that is the image that was in her head until she woke up after her surgery. she's a strong woman, and she knows rationally that there's no blame to be apportioned, but the fact of the matter is, she took
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a little neighbor's girl away that morning and was unable to bring her home. and the heilmans are so obviously sad about what happened and bill heilman told me that he's looking forward to really meeting christina's parents and friends of the family and grieving together. >> incredibly sad story. i also understand there was a tense moment in the hall. can you tell us about that? >> yes, indeed. one of the shooting victims from last week was in the hall. his name is james eric fuller. he had been shot but had been released from the hospital. he came to the town hall meeting, and at one point he became quite agitated towards the end as the conversation was winding down, and he seemed to turn around and get upset about some of the comments being made by one of the tea party members in phoenix there, and it looked like he was mumbling a threat. in any event, as the town hall meeting came to a close, he was arrested by the sheriff's deputies charged with a
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misdemeanor and involuntarily committed. >> well, it looks like a fascinating discussion in lots of different ways. christiane, thanks for joining us this morning and i want to remind our viewers they can join christiane later on abc for a special "this week" town hall. we're calling it "after the tragedy: an american conversation continued." bianna? >> in the wake of the tucson tragedy, president obama led the call for the cooling the heated political climate in the country. with congress returning with a hot button debate right off the bat, will lawmakers be able to keep their cool? david kerley is on capitol hill this morning with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. members are coming back to the hill after republicans received high praise for taking off that week. putting off work for a week to mourn the tragedy in tucson. but as you mentioned, with health care being the first issue, will there really be more civility in the chamber? [ applause ] it's back to work with plenty of talk of changing the talk in washington. in this morning's "washington post," republican senator john mccain calls for members to
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behave more modestly and courteously and respectfully toward one another. that echoes the president. >> because before we are democrats or republicans, we are americans. >> reporter: and democratic leaders. >> to temper our words and respect those with whom we disagree. >> reporter: that could be hard when the first piece of business is what is expected to be a nasty battle over health care, in fact, the republican bill is even called repeal of the job-killing health care law. >> this is a job-killing bill. >> job-killing. >> job-killing legislation. >> reporter: but yesterday a week after the tucson tragedy when speaker john boehner talked about the agenda, he changed a word dropping the word "killing" and saying his colleagues will try to overturn the democrats' job destroying spending spree. is that an indication of the change of tone, a return to civility so many have called for? sources say don't make too much of the word change adding republicans don't plan to change the name of the bill. and don't expect somebody to
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yell that at the state of the union where the president is expected to again push civility. in fact, a democrat's call that rather than sit apart, republicans and democrats mingle, is gathering some support. john mccain has signed on, so while everyone is talking about talking nicer, will we actually see a change in washington's ways? >> i think there's a sense that there's going to be a change in tone, but there's not going to be a change in policy and there's not going to be a change in the polarizing nature. >> reporter: and the polarizing issue that's been getting attention since the shooting is gun control. there is a chance it will end up on the agenda of this congress. bianna? >> all right, david, thank you so the big question is will the civility hold? i'm joined by "the daily beast" senior political analyst john avlon. thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> that's the question. will this cause a change in air in washington politics? >> look, that's the challenge. that's the opportunity and it's clearly what the american people want. and this is important. even before this tragedy in tucson, 93% of americans said they wanted to see less partisan
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in-fighting in washington but it's the other 7%, the professional partisans, the professional polarizers that keep seeming to hijack our political debate deeply addicted to division and it's a matter of changing that hyperpartisanship in washington. it won't happen overnight but is a priority for the american people and the parties better wake up. >> as we've seen the president shift more towards center, is this an opportunity to meet him halfway and go less than towards center. will they seize upon it >> it is an opportunity. i wouldn't hold your breath on them seizing on it. divided government gives the opportunity and obligation for checks and balances. the only legislation that will pass is one built on common ground so the challenge for both republicans and democrats is find that common ground and build on it. fiscal responsibility may be one area to do it. keep an ear out for that in the state of the union. >> it's not just the rhetoric that comes out of washington. there's outside factors, bloggers, media. even roger ailes told his talent to tone down the rhetoric. is that something we'll see going forward or is that sort of a short-term temporary fix?
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>> the media has been a serious contributing factor to the polarization of american politics. they encourage it. right? the whole formula for talk radio is using conflict, fear and resentment to drum up ratings. it will require a major push-back. the vast majority of the american people do want to see a change from that tone. so it's time we start rewarding those folks that reach across the aisle. holding the folks that polarize accountable. >> we're not holding our breath though. i'm going to fight for it but i'm not going to wait and hold my breath. >> thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. we want to turn to ron claiborne with the other headlines this morning. good morning, ron. >> hey, good morning, bianna. and john. good morning, everyone. we begin with the turmoil in tunisia which has had its third leader in less than 24 hours after days of protest and rioting that led to the president to flee the country to saudi arabia. a third president has now been sworn in. the new government will hold elections within 60 days. in australia, the cleanup from the massive flooding in some areas of that country's storm-battered northeast is
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already beginning. this even as some communities begin or still are isolated by high water dealing with all of the mud left behind. it's expected to take months and reconstruction there could take years. 27 people died during three weeks of flooding and 14 still missing. reaction to the abc interview with ron reagan in which he speculated his father may have had early symptoms of alzheimer's disease while he was still in office, his other son michael calls his half brother ron an embarrassment. in a message posted on twitter and in another tweet michael reagan says his brother, in his words seems to want to sell out his father to sell books. and finally there she is, the new miss america 17-year-old, teresa scanlan, ms. nebraska. she was chosen as miss america 2011 last night here on abc. she's the youngest to win that pageant in 90 years and the first ever from the cornhusker state. and in the words of bianna golodryga, congrats. an inside joke.
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>> inspired words. you know, there was this kayla martell who was miss delaware. she made it into the top ten even though she has this disease, alopecia. she's bald and wore a wig. she still made it to the number 10. >> did well in the balloting among americans. >> yes. >> she was the crowd favorite. >> her too. >> i still can't get over the fact that miss america was born in 1993. >> yes. that's depressing. >> bizarre. >> yeah, it is. >> oh, well. let's go now to jackie meretsky also born in 1993. she's going to do the weather. >> oh, dan, you are my new best friend. >> happy 17th birthday. >> thank you very much. let's talk about the extreme flooding in the pacific northwest. if you're wondering why we've got these heavy rains, well here it is, the pineapple express, this is a tropical connection that streams heavy pacific moisture into washington as well as oregon and the result is mud slides. looks like my clicker is not working here so maybe someone can advance my maps. i'll talk about the mud slide
7:15 am
that affected clallum county, how much mud? 4,000 cubic yards fell and an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain is expected. the heavier rains will subside through the overnight, but some showers will persist. elsewhere in the country, what do we have going on? well, let's stay consistent with the rain. big rains in texas, louisiana, as well as arkansas. good news is that in the southeast your temperatures are moderating and nothing moderate, folks, about what's going on in the midwest to northeast. cold temperatures. i'm going to end off with a very cold and lonely 5 degrees in minneapolis.
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>> and back to my new bff, dan. >> i won her over. thank you, jackie. this is a big day for football fans. the two key playoff games, in new england, the patriots are facing off against their hated rivals, the new york jets. there has been so much trash talking in the run-up to this game that the nfl is now stepping in demanding both sides dial it back. our mike marusarz is here to do smack talk of his own. good morning. >> a lot of fun, dan. it's going to be a fun day. no doubt. good morning to you. well, for nfl fans this is about as good as it gets. pressure-packed playoffs with all the hype. but the nfl has warned all playoff teams, they better call a time-out on the increased trash talking. >> some people don't like trash talking. 85 can't even stop 85. >> reporter: verbal venom is nothing new in the nfl. but a recent ramp-up of stinging
7:17 am
smack talk prompted the league to fire its warning. >> a few extracurriculars. >> reporter: last night's bone-crushing rivalry between the steelers and ravens -- >> a little more pushing and shoving. >> reporter: -- followed a week of heated words between the teams. fans may use it as fuel. >> trash talking, part of the game. >> reporter: but for enemies like the new england patriots and the new york jets, they turned personal. >> he took a shot at me by, you know, his antics on the field. >> reporter: earlier this year posted videos it claims show rex ryan's foot fetish with his wife. >> really beautiful feet. >> thank you. >> reporter: patriots receiver wes welker seemed to use it as ammo against the jets' coach this week. >> everybody is putting their best foot forward. you got your foot up in the air. good feet. >> you definitely have to be on your toes. >> reporter: bart scott fired back telling a newspaper, be careful what you say about our coach. his days in a uniform will be numbered. >> when the jets start talking about we're going to retaliate, the nfl is very wise, i think,
7:18 am
to step in and say, no, no, no. we're not going to tolerate this. >> reporter: the nfl has already snagged headlines this season for several violent helmet-to-helmet hits like this in a browns/steelers game. >> real -- oh, my goodness. >> reporter: the league hopes to prevent the recent rhetoric from spilling onto the field, and the nfl says it will be watching and listening and will increase fines and suspensions if there are illegal incidents on the field. we're going to have to wait and see. >> the nfl has to know this type of smack talking actually builds the audience for the games, right? >> how many eyeballs -- >> hey, it's a business and it's going to be a dynamite viewing audience, no doubt. >> mike marusarz, thanks. >> do without the foot fetish. meantime, coming up, if you have a smartphone, you probably do and probably have tons of apps. if you're into games on your iphone, you probably have the hottest new game out there called bubble ball. >> people cannot put it down.
7:19 am
who is responsible for this new national obsession? you're looking at him. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: silicon valley has apple. redmond, washington, has microsoft and spanish fork, utah, has this, the public library where robert nay, the ceo of nay games researched and developed the number one free app for the iphone. the only difference is the company that's just dethroned some of the biggest boys in technology is run by a 14-year-old boy. >> yeah, i think it's pretty cool because i never thought my game would do that well. >> reporter: while other eighth graders are playing them he's creating them. >> my friend suggested me making an iphone app and i thought why not, that would be pretty cool so i checked out some books in the library and eventually found a program called corona stk. it has a built in physics engine which is really nice. >> reporter: the game he created is called bubble ball, and in
7:20 am
just the last two weeks it's been downloaded more than 2 million times and counting. on thursday alone it got 400,000 downloads, and it just knocked out angry birds from the top of the app charts. >> when i saw that it was number one for the free apps, i was pretty astonished. >> reporter: while his app can be downloaded for free, if he charged a dollar for it, he would have made $2 million. enough to pay for an undergraduate degree at his college of choice, utah's brigham young university, 113 times. he's already busy working on another game. >> it's a secret for now. >> reporter: but we do know the next one will likely be at least 99 cents a download. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. >> don't you feel like we've just met the next bill gates? >> i think so. what are the odds you think that next app will be free? >> very low. >> zero. meantime, coming up on "good morning america," a royal invitation. the queen wants prince william and kate middleton to live with
7:21 am
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love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. ♪ don't change the channel. you're still watching "good morning america," but that is not dan harris. that is a 56-year-old man from brooklyn who has set 350 guinness records since 1979. >> did you see the hula hoop? >> traveling the world doing things like this. dan, you have a whole list of them. >> was he walking with chocolate milk on his head there? and there he's racing a yak. i actually have a list of some of the records he set. apple cutting with a samurai sword. table tennis ball spitting. he spit one 424 feet. fastest time for duct-taping himself to the wall. five minutes and 27 seconds. >> he has a special connection to "good morning america" because he actually introduced underwater pogo stick jumping in 1986 on "good morning america."
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>> his parents must be so proud. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. also coming up this morning, medical news you might have missed this week in the midst of everything else going on including a couple of important stories that new and expectant moms need to know about. we'll talk to marie savard again. >> also, we're going to hear from the children of tucson. i interviewed a bunch of kids about how they're processing these recent tragic events. they're very, very, very cute, but it's also very moving to hear from them, as well. >> i look forward to seeing that you. you've been talking about that. we begin with news with the young royals and where they will take up residence. queen elizabeth has reportedly offered to share buckingham palace with prince william and kate middleton after they are married, but will they take her up on her offer? lama hasan has the answer from london. >> good morning. >> reporter: yes, that is the question. think about it this way, at buckingham palace, the royal couple will have lots of security, out of the public eye and there's certainly no shortage of space.
7:32 am
the queen has made the royal couple this new and very attractive offer. move into buckingham palace. think of it as a kind of house share. grandma and grandpa will still use the palace from monday to thursday, but on weekends william and kate will have the whole place to themselves. there's a mere 775 rooms including 52 royal and guest bedrooms as well as 78 bathrooms, but, wait. >> they will have the queen and the chief of edinburgh as their neighbor and perhaps as a married couple, that might not be what they want. >> reporter: the prince says they want to live as normal a lifestyle as possible meaning no servants or butlers so they can enjoy a closer, more intimate relationship. maybe this is more up their alley, an apartment in the less formal surroundings of st. james palace or -- >> my bet would be kensington palace. >> reporter: kensington palace is where diana lived with william and harry after separating with from prince charles.
7:33 am
one advantage, william knows the place very well. what we do know is that at least for their first year of marriage, they'll be residing in wales where the prince is a search and rescue pilot. some perks, it's quiet, quaint and he'll be closer to work. but before they decide, let's not forget there is the wedding to think of. the stag do and bachelorette party which royal reporters say will be low-key affairs. kate will be spending hers in a swanky bar in london and will's at clarence house organized by his brother harry. what about wedding gifts, i hear you ask. well, if you're thinking of sending the royal couple a toaster or perhaps a nice set of towels, don't. breaking with tradition, they've made it clear, no presents. just make a donation to one of their favorite charities. dan and bianna, now you know. >> i'm making note of that, no presents. >> yes, no presents. sounds like they don't need anything. >> so many parties they'll be invited to. >> their real estate hunt reminds me of my real estate
7:34 am
woes, you know, 775 rooms. it's got to be tough. >> it is tough. how do you say no to granny? >> yeah, well, right. there you go. >> don't want to offend the queen. >> let's get the latest news now with the latest and greatest, ron claiborne. >> good morning to you again, dan and bianna. in the news an indiana woman who ran for congress last year is under arrest on charges that she made threats against officials on her facebook account. the prosecutor acted because of the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. explosion in southern afghanistan where international forces have been fighting taliban insurgents. killed six civilians riding in a mini van. three were also injured. a roadside bomb is being blamed for that incident. and chinese leader hu jintao visits washington, d.c. this week. and this time he will get the kind of vip treatment usually reserved for close friends and allies including a state dinner. on his last visit he got a lunch. part of a move to try to improve relations between china and the u.s. and finally, in north carolina crystal and dale broadbent got married with dale's brother attending in a
7:35 am
manner of speaking as a cardboard groomsmen. he could not be there because he's serving with the military in iraq. time now for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> very good morning to you. let's talk about the weather in the northeast and the midwest where it is cold. two big football games today, one in boston, the other in chicago. the weather will not be a problem. it will be cold but at least you won't have to deal with any precipitation. some snow, meanwhile, in minneapolis, a lonely 5 degrees. in the southeast here's the good news, look at this. warmer flow, and the sun's warming rays really doing their part to melt all of that snow. some showers coming later on this evening. but overall your temperatures are absolutely beautiful, especially in miami. the real problems today are in the pacific northwest. an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain is expected in portions of washington, as well as oregon. that is your weather around the country. a
7:36 am
>> today's weather has been brought to you by united health care. dan and bianna, back to you. >> thanks, jackie. as you know, all week we've been hearing from all sorts of people about their reactions to the shootings out in tucson and mostly of course we've been talking to grown-ups but children all over the country are trying to process this, as well. so i sat down with some kids in tucson to get their views. how did you hear about what happened on saturday? >> i've been watching the tv and like all the channels showed her and all the ambulance and everybody that got shot. >> what did you think about when you saw it? >> i was scared, and i was like a bit sad that like why would he do that, and why would he shoot? >> did it make you scared at all? can you tell me about that? >> well, because he was here in tucson, so it made me a little
7:37 am
scared. >> yeah, i got very scared because for the past few days i've been keep thinking about what if -- what if he came over here. >> to your school? >> yeah. >> what if he knows where our class is? >> well, i can tell you that the man they suspect of doing this is in jail right now so he is not going to come to your class. and what are kids saying to each other about this? >> they're saying why would a person shoot a lot of people even though they didn't do anything. >> do you think people are nice to each other enough in this world? >> huh-uh. >> no. so when you grow up how are you going to be different? well, you've got time to think about it because you're only 7. >> i think it makes the world sound like a crazy place sometimes. >> i think you're probably right. >> uh-huh. >> i think about people not
7:38 am
being kind enough to people. >> they're not being kind enough to people. >> yes. >> can that change ever, do you think? >> yeah. >> you think it can change? you're optimistic. >> yeah. >> dear gabrielle giffords, we wish that you get better. someday you will get better. but don't worry. we will never give up on you. >> like the little girl said, sometimes the world is a crazy place. >> it is, and just it hits home when they're saying people are not nice people. at the age of 7 they're already aware of that. and you know as a parent, one of the tricky things is how to talk to children about these issues. >> how to talk to them. as the president said, we all want to live up to our kids' expectations. all right. very insightful piece, dan, thanks for bringing that to us. >> coming up on "good morning america," we have important medical news for mothers. new studies that new moms and moms-to-be need to know about. >> we'll meet a man who raced a yak in a sack and done some
7:39 am
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well, with all the other news going on this week, there were some medical stories that didn't get attention they might otherwise have gotten including a couple of interest for new and expectant mothers. dr. marie savard is back with us to talk about that. let's start off with the question that is confusing a lot of mothers with regard to breast-feeding. there is a report out of england that questions the recommendation on how long a mother should exclusively breast feed her child. >> yes, exclusively breast-feeding is just that, not giving the baby anything but breast milk for the first six months. that's what the world health organization has been recommending for ten years, but today a group of experts have looked at all the data and said there's new research. a number of reasons we might want to reconsider. first allergies. it turns out that there might be this window of time where it's good to start introducing solid foods earlier to prevent allergy, somewhere between four to six months, food allergies such as gluten. secondly iron deficiency has increased in babies who are exclusively breast fed for six
7:43 am
months, but i think the third and most important point is breast-feeding exclusively for six months does reduce the risk of infections and worldwide especially in poor countries that may be the most important factor. >> and another headline that caught our attention was for expectant mothers, mothers-to-be. there is a report that suggests that their system, their bodies contain dozens and dozens of toxins. >> yes, this is part of an ongoing research study the government is doing on health habits. >> they looked at almost 300 women and their blood and/or urine and tested for toxic chemicals and found a lot more than expected. we don't know that this has any health risk for women but on the other hand, it reminds us it's been since 1976 that we've looked at the regulations, the laws around chemicals, so i think that has to be addressed and a lot more study has to be taken. >> how concerning is this for mothers-to-be right now? >> i don't think we need to be overly concerned. we don't know that there are any health risks related to it but we need to do all we can to understand what it means and why
7:44 am
these chemicals banned years ago are remaining in the system for a long time. >> and lastly, i do want to talk to you about another medical story regarding acetaminophen. the fda has lowered the limits. people take this in tylenol on a daily basis. should this be concerned because this is over-the-counter. >> that's true and a good point. what the fda has done is banned or they've lowered the amount of acetaminophen to only 325 milligrams in the combination painkillers like vicodin, percocet. 325 milligrams is equivalent to one tylenol. we know that too much acetaminophen contributes to liver toxicity, liver damage, even death and it's the over-the-counter preparations that have not yet been addressed. you can take something like arthritis strength tylenol and get 650 milligrams acetaminophen. the limit in a day should be no more than 4,000 milligrams equipment of eight arthritis
7:45 am
strength tablets. it is a dangerous medication and i think it's important they're taking the first step lowering it in prescription painkillers. they haven't yet addressed over the counter. >> you think we'll see that next. >> the advisory panel recommended we look at that and i really think we have to look at that. there's acetaminophen in too many products people aren't aware of, cold, sinus, arthritis, headache, so you name it. it's in a lot. >> i have a feeling we'll bring this up and talk about it later on. we appreciate you coming in again. >> sure. >> thank you, dr. marie savard. coming up on "good morning america," the record holder for holding records. the world record holder for holding records. say that three times. rds. ♪ ♪ where's the fire, arnie? [ laughing ] ♪ ♪ ahh. hello.
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george mallory was asked why he when the british explorer george mallory was asked why he wanted to climb mount everest, he famously replied because it is there. i spent time with ashrita furman. he holds the record for setting most world records. if you ask him why he does it, his answer is more along the lines of just because. >> so we have to measure ten meters. >> reporter: for ashrita furman, it was just another day. >> are we there? >> reporter: another world record. this one for running the fastest mile with aluminum pans on his feet held in place by strings on his hands. with his latest athletic and arguably eccentric achievement, ashrita now holds 125 guinness world records including the world record for holding the most world records. simply put it's what he does. for the past 31 years, ashrita has crisscrossed the globe
7:50 am
setting a total of 350 decidedly off-beat records and counting. among his achievements, the fastest mile while hula hooping in australia. chin balancing the tallest pole in turkey. fastest mile on a yoga ball in china. furthest distance while balancing a pool cue in egypt. furthest distance rolling over in boston. jumping rope on a pogo stick in cambodia and the one he's most proud of, fastest mile in a sack while racing a yak in mongolia. >> when i heard there were yaks in mongolia, i said that would be the most exciting thing to have a race against a yak. okay. >> reporter: we caught up with ashrita at the st. john's university track where he was practicing for the can run on a windy freezing afternoon. everybody must ask you, what's the point? >> you know what, the point is joy. the point is challenge. okay, it's something silly, but you're the best in the world in it.
7:51 am
>> reporter: now 56 ashrita says when he was in high school he was actually a nerd who shunned sports but he had a deep fascination with one thing. >> you know, as a kid, i was always a fan of the guinness book. i practically memorized it. >> reporter: in his 20s he got into meditation and decided that setting a world record was one way to spiritual progress. he broke first one record then another and another and another. >> okay, my philosophy is this, other human beings have broken those records. i'm a human being. i know how to meditate. why can't i break that record? >> reporter: ashrita has no sponsors, and this will come as a surprise, he actually does have a day job managing a health food store. >> i have to say i'm always thinking about the records. >> reporter: always on your mind. >> it's because -- yeah, it is. >> reporter: isn't it a little obsessive? >> yeah, maybe. >> reporter: maybe? it is obsessive. but it's an obsession he finds deeply fulfilling and, well, a lot of fun. >> you're in that moment, and nothing else exists except for,
7:52 am
you know, you and whatever you're doing, so it's really -- i love that experience. >> he's really a great guy and ashrita, his real name is keith furman. he's off to bali this weekend where he's going to be skip jumping without a rope and forward rolls in a minute and bouncing a golf ball while walking a mile. >> of course he is. >> we'll be right back. f ball while walking a mile. >> we'll be right back. with skin relief moisturizing lotion. only aveeno has an active naturals triple oat and shea butter formula that soothes, nourishes and restores moisture. women saw improvement in all five symptoms of winter skin in just one day. beauty you can see and feel. that's being comfortable in your own skin. aveeno skin relief. and now get dermatologist recommended relief from severely dry skin with eczema therapy. new from aveeno. discover the power of active naturals >> woman: with the right guidance, i get exactly where i want to go. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> turbotax has a unique
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